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Penile Rehabilitation Following Radical Prostatectomy

Going through treatment for prostate cancer, including radical prostatectomy and radiation therapy, is difficult enough without adding the stress of erectile dysfunction. Following treatment for prostate cancer, restoring a man's quality of life, including sexual function, is imperative to the overall recovery process and return to life as it was before prostate cancer. Our team of specialists focuses on comprehensive ED treatment protocols to prevent the loss of erectile function in men undergoing prostate cancer surgery or radiation, providing our patients with improved and earlier return of erections following prostate cancer treatment.

Erectile dysfunction remains a frequent problem for men following treatment for prostate cancer. Many prostate cancer treatments, including external beam radiation, brachytherapy (seed implantation), radical prostatectomy (open or robotic), and hormone ablation, may cause nerve damage in the area surrounding the prostate. This causes reduced oxygen in the penis leading to scarring, and ultimately, decreased erections.

Early treatment for ED following prostate cancer treatment can result in better outcomes for our patients. Your urologist will focus on penile rehabilitation to help you regain erectile function.

What Is Penile Rehabilitation?

The focus of penile rehabilitation is to increase the blood and oxygen flow to the penis regularly. The goal is to get a man's erection back quicker while also preventing scarring that can occur in the penis following radical prostatectomy.

Our physicians take an aggressive approach to restoring a man's quality of life following surgery and understand that restoring erectile function is vital. Utilizing evidence-based protocols for treating varying degrees of ED following radical prostatectomy, patients may benefit from:

It has been found that, in many cases, combining these treatment modalities and addressing a man's erectile function before, during, and following treatment for prostate cancer can get a man's natural erection back quicker and better.

How Is This Done?

One of many treatment protocols used by urologists calls for a daily, low dose of an oral medication like Viagra taken before bed to help improve blood and oxygen flow to the penis in regular intervals. When a man wishes to be sexually active, he takes one whole dose of the medication. As a rehabilitation method, this protocol has been proven to be successful in some men, helping bring their natural erectile function back to normal faster following surgery.

Talk to a urologist about the ED treatment protocol that is right for you as you undergo treatment for prostate cancer. Your doctor will work with you to find the rehabilitation therapy that works best so you can get back to intimacy once again.