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Penile Implants After Prostate Cancer Treatment

The Erectile & Continence Recovery Program

smiling manMany prostate cancer treatments, including radiation therapy and radical prostatectomy, can cause nerve damage in the areas surrounding the prostate including the bladder and the penile tissue. Erectile dysfunction is a common issue for men following treatment for prostate cancer.

The Erectile and Continence Recovery Program focuses on providing comprehensive care and a telehealth platform to ensure that men facing prostate cancer not only have the best oncological outcomes, but also the best lifestyle outcomes.

About the Erectile and Continence Recovery Program

Our specialized program is broken up into two parts: pre-treatment and post-treatment.


Before undergoing prostate cancer treatment, you will meet with one of our recovery specialists who are urologists specializing in erectile dysfunction treatment and male continence. Understanding how to prepare your body for your prostate cancer treatment will ultimately hasten your recovery.

Your urologist will discuss:

  • The importance of pelvic floor physical therapy to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles before and after treatment.
  • A baseline assessment of erectile and bladder function.


At 3- and 6-months post-treatment, you will meet with your recovery specialist and/or an experienced physician assistant to discuss your progress and to ensure your health goals are moving forward as planned.

Benefits of the Erectile and Continence Recovery Program

By preparing your body for success before your prostate cancer treatment, your long-term recovery outlook remains bright. Benefits of the program include improved erectile recovery. Optimizing your erectile health prior to prostate cancer treatment and the restoration of proper penile blood flow post-treatment through the use of multiple treatment modalities can improve your recovery time substantially. Addressing a man’s erectile function before, during, and following treatment for prostate cancer can get a man’s natural erection back quicker and better.

If erectile dysfunction is an issue after going through the recovery program, your provider can discuss penile implants to help restore your virility and quality of life. Improvement in bladder control and a shortened “time to dry.” If urinary leakage remains a problem after the one-year mark, your recovery coach can discuss surgical options for the treatment of your incontinence.