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Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Will I still be able to have an orgasm with an implant in place?

    A: Yes. A penile prosthesis does not interfere with your ability to reach orgasm or ejaculate, nor does it affect skin sensation. Most patients report that sexual intercourse with a penile prosthesis feels the same, if not better, than before the surgery. It’s not only important to pump the penile implant device to achieve an erection, but equally as important to focus on sexual arousal for an optimal sexual experience.

    Q: Will my partner notice anything different?

    A: The main difference with a penile prosthesis is the manual pumping you will need to do in order to fill the cylinders and attain an erection. Otherwise, the implant is completely concealed within your body, sexual intercourse can be spontaneous, and your erection will be rigid and natural feeling to you and your partner.

    Q: Will sex be satisfying for me as well as my partner with the prosthetic device?

    A: Yes, thanks to improvements in the technology and surgical techniques performed by surgeons, penile prostheses boast high satisfaction rates among men and their sexual partners. In fact, 90% of partners would recommend the two-piece inflatable penile prosthetic device to other couples and the three-piece inflatable device has a 96% satisfaction rate among sexual partners.

    Q: Will anyone know I have the prosthesis?

    A: No. Since the implant is inside your body, it is easily concealed, especially with the inflatable implants.

    Q: Will a penile implant affect the size of my penis?

    A: This is a tricky question, as all men are unique and circumstances vary. With each penile implant surgery, our surgeons make every effort to maintain a man’s penile girth and size. While it may not be realistic to promise extra inches, our surgeons use surgical techniques that maintain a man’s length and the correct sizing. It’s important to have realistic expectations. Our surgeons emphasize the importance of post-operative cycling, meaning that men are encouraged to routinely inflate and deflate the cylinders of the implant several times a day for several months after the surgery to maintain appropriate penile size. This inflate/deflate action helps ensure that men maintain penile length post-surgery.

    Q: What is recovery like after penile implant surgery?

    A: You will schedule a post-operative follow-up with your surgeon at four to six weeks after surgery. Our patients are usually back to work within one-week post-surgery, can exercise after two weeks, and resume sexual activity about four weeks post-surgery. Our patients do remarkedly well in their recovery and report that their confidence and sexual vitality is back and even better than before.

    Q: Will my erections be different with a penile prosthesis?

    A: Yes. You may notice erections that are slightly less firm and a penis that is shorter with less width. Spontaneous erections are no longer possible with a prosthetic device.

    Q: How long will my prosthesis last?

    A: While it's not entirely possible to predict how long your prosthesis will last, inflatable implants typically last anywhere from 8 to 15 years, on average. Some men will require a replacement sooner while others can go close to 20 years before a prosthetic replacement is needed. Like any mechanical device, a penile implant is subject to normal wear and tear. Younger men in their 40s or early 50s may need a replacement at some point over the course of their lifetime. The best way to prolong the life of your prosthesis is to follow the guidelines given to you by your doctor.

    Q: Am I a candidate for penile implant surgery?

    A: What was once considered a “last resort,” is now a mainstream treatment option for men with ED with excellent outcomes, but particularly for men who have tried other treatments without success. These include oral medication, penile injections, a vacuum pump, urethral suppositories, or shock wave therapy.

    Good candidates for a penile prosthesis include:

    • Men who have prolonged erectile dysfunction that does not respond to other therapies
    • Men who have experienced negative side effects from other ED treatments
    • Men who have had prostate cancer treatments that have affected their sexual function
    • Men who wish to return their former sexual selves and restore intimate relationships with their sexual partner
    Q: Is a penile prosthesis covered by insurance?

    A: Medicare has a national coverage policy for the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction, which includes penile prostheses, if indicated. We will work with you and your health insurance provider to determine whether this treatment option is covered by your plan. If your health insurance carrier does not cover this treatment, we will work with you on financing options.

    Q: Can the implant be removed?

    A: Yes, a penile implant can be removed if an infection occurs or if the implant fails. Our surgeons are experienced in performing penile implant revision surgeries. Thanks to advances in the mechanics of the implants and surgical techniques, penile implants are more effective than ever before and infection rates have dramatically decreased.