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Ambulatory PCNL, Mini/Ultra-mini PCNL

Dr. Davalos is the Nation's Leader in Same-Day Tubeless PCNL Surgery. That's Experience You can Count on.

An Ambulatory PCNL is a Tubeless PCNL performed with several key modifications that allow patients to go home the same day the surgery performed.

As with many procedures in medicine, advances in procedural techniques and technology have allowed patients to recover much faster than in the past.

Dr. Davalos has the most experience with ambulatory PCNL in the United States.

Not all patients are candidates for an ambulatory tubeless PCNL. Dr. Davalos will discuss your particular case, medical history and current health with you and determine if this is an option.

An ambulatory tubeless PCNL procedure is performed in Chesapeake Urology's state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center specially equipped with the sophisticated instruments and technology required to perform this complex surgery. Our ASC is also staffed with nurses experienced and specially trained in the PCNL procedure, ensuring the highest level of care for patients.

Learn more about Dr. Davalos' experience performing the advanced tubeless PCNL procedure.