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Treatment Options for Large Kidney Stones

If a kidney stone is too large to pass through the urinary system, it often causes pain or even urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Surgical procedures to remove large kidney stones include percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) and Tubeless PCNL. These innovative surgical treatments are intended for patients with large, complex kidney stones that cannot be treated successfully using other treatments. Typically, PCNL and tubeless PCNL is used to remove kidney stones that are larger than 2 centimeters in diameter and cannot be passed through the urinary tract. “Percutaneous” refers to surgery via a small incision through the skin, rather than an open, more invasive procedure. PCNL has become a viable and preferred alternative to open surgery for removing large kidney stones and should be performed by a highly trained surgeon who has specific experience with this complex, delicate procedure.

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Whenever possible, your doctor will collect the passed or surgically removed kidney stones to have them analyzed in a lab to determine the type of stones your body has made. This analysis will aid your physician in developing a personalized treatment and prevention plan for the future.