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Metabolic Management of Stone Disease

The Journey to Becoming Kidney Stone Free

For patients referred to one of our kidney stone disease specialists, the first step is to get patients stone-free. Once all kidney stones have passed or been surgically removed, patients will undergo a metabolic workup, an important piece of your overall management of kidney stone disease.

What is a Metabolic Evaluation?

Metabolic evaluations are a vital component of a well-designed kidney stone prevention plan. This series of diagnostic tests help your physician determine the causes of your stone disease. The metabolic workup includes several key components:

  1. A 24-hour urine test. This test is an important diagnostic tool that provides your doctor with the most information on why you’re forming stones. Patients urinate in a collection jug for a full 24 hours. The urine is then analyzed for levels of calcium, oxalate, uric acid, urinary sodium, and other indicators of kidney stones.
  2. Blood work can show increased levels of minerals such as uric acid and calcium that lead to kidney stone formation.
  3. Crystal analysis (when a kidney stone or fragment of the stone is available) helps your urologist determine the type of stone your body formed. This can aid in the development of a prevention plan including changes to diet.

Results from the metabolic workup often yield a diagnosis such as dehydration, low urinary citrate, or elevated levels of urinary sodium or protein. Understanding the factors that caused your body to produce a kidney stone(s) ultimately helps your physician map out a comprehensive treatment and prevention plan to help ensure you stay stone-free.

When Is the Right Time to Get Evaluated?

Metabolic evaluation for kidney stones is performed about one month or more after an active kidney stone has passed or has been surgically treated and/or removed. Our specialists will follow up with you on an ongoing basis and recommend an individualized treatment and stone prevention plan to keep you stone-free for the long term.

Staying 100% Stone-Free

Understanding the factors that cause the body to produce kidney stones helps a urologist map out a comprehensive treatment and prevention plan to keep you stone-free for the long term.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones