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Vasectomy Reversal Re-Dos

When a Reversal Fails…Men Turn to Our Experts For Re-Dos

There are certainly many surgeons out there who claim to be vasectomy reversal experts. They make claims of near perfect success rates, and sound great…until they’re not. The fact is, only a highly trained microsurgeon has the high success rates that help more couples conceive a baby naturally. Unfortunately, we see many patients who have had a failed vasectomy reversal performed by a not-so-experienced doctor come to us in need of a “re-do.”

At The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, we have performed many re-dos for patients who went to a surgeon not trained in microsurgery. Fortunately for these patients, we often see very good outcomes with re-dos because of our expertise in microsurgical techniques, the use of the center’s high powered microscope, and our dedicated vasectomy reversal operating team.

Stats Don’t Lie

The fact is, general urologists not utilizing the microsurgical technique for vasectomy reversals have success rates that are much lower – only about 30 to 40%. Success rates for vasectomy reversals performed by a skilled microsurgeon like our team at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America are over 90%. These stats don’t lie. The skill, experience and training of a physician truly make the difference when it comes to the best outcomes of a vasectomy reversal.

When it comes to realizing the dream of conceiving a child naturally, having a vasectomy reversal performed by a microsurgeon affords patients with the very best outcome – a baby.

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