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Cost of a Vasectomy Reversalfamily

Cost is just one factor that patients need to use when considering a vasectomy reversal surgeon. The cost of a reversal encompasses:

  • The skill of the surgeon
  • Number of reversals performed/experience of the surgeon
  • Advanced microsurgical training
  • Physician availability and follow-up care
  • Success rates

These factors, in addition to cost, are all very important to consider when comparing vasectomy reversal surgeons and making your choice. It is our goal to make sure our patients are fully educated in order to make the most informed decisions.

Cost Vs. Value – Choosing Wisely

Cost and value are factors for most patients when deciding on a vasectomy reversal. Value is linked to cost because choosing a lower-priced vasectomy reversal may cost you more in the long run – both financially and physically.

Our surgeons have performed a substantial number of re-dos for patients whose first reversal cost less and was not performed by an experienced microsurgeon who could offer the highest quality vasectomy reversal and the necessary follow-up care.

What’s Covered?

The first vasectomy reversal consultation is typically covered by most insurance plans. We will check with your insurance provider to find out whether this applies to you. We realize that most insurance plans do not cover vasectomy reversal surgery, which is why we provide patients with flexible financing plans.

Cost Components of a Vasectomy Reversal

There are three parts that make up the total cost of a vasectomy reversal bill. When you talk to various physicians and centers about cost, be sure you ask for the cost of each of these components:

  1. The professional fee to cover the microsurgeon’s cost
  2. Facility fee: Ambulatory surgery center
  3. Anesthesiology fee to cover the anesthesiologist’s cost
Physician Fees: Microsurgeon vs. General Urologist

If you compare physicians’ fees, you will find that some fees are significantly lower than others. A general urologic surgeon who performs vasectomy reversals but is not fellowship-trained in male infertility and microsurgery normally charges a lower fee. This is where value comes in. General urologists only have a 30 to 40 percent vasectomy reversal success rate; men who go to this type of urologist have a greater likelihood that their vasectomy reversal will need to be redone by a highly-skilled microsurgeon. This will more than double the initial cost of going to a less-skilled surgeon.

Hospital-based Surgery

The majority of vasectomy reversals are performed in one of Chesapeake Urology’s state-of-the-art Summit Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Sometimes, however, it is medically necessary to perform the procedure in a hospital operating room. When the surgeon performs the vasectomy reversal in a hospital rather than an ambulatory surgery center, the total cost of the procedure is usually significantly higher. The facility fee at an outpatient surgery center is lower because the center is not burdened by the overhead costs of a hospital, which are factored into the cost of hospital-based surgeries.

Affordable Financing For Your Vasectomy Reversal

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that helps you pay for your out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Several important benefits of the CareCredit card include:

  • CareCredit offers special financing options to help patients pay off medical expenses over time, instead of in one lump sum.
  • CareCredit offers short-term financing options that range from 6 to 24 months. No interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more if you make your minimum monthly payments and pay the full amount due by the end of the promotional period.
  • Patients use the CareCredit card to pay a Chesapeake Urology account balance in full and then make monthly payments to CareCredit, similar to a personal credit card.
  • The application process is quick and easy with most patients receiving an immediate answer regarding eligibility. Patients can apply online at or call toll-free at (800) 677-0718.

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