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Uropathology for Precise Diagnosis

Precise Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Begins With the Biopsy

The first reaction of a patient who hears about a prostate cancer diagnosis is, "How advanced is my cancer?" or "What's the best treatment?" But there's an even more important consideration when the diagnosis is prostate cancer - "How accurate is my diagnosis?"

The gold standard for proper diagnosis of prostate cancer begins with the prostate biopsy. To ensure the highest quality of diagnosis, Dr. Tehmina Ali, Chesapeake Urology's fellowship-trained urologic pathologist (or uropathologist) reviews prostate tissue biopsies at Chesapeake Urology's full-service, state-of-the-art pathology laboratory.

Not only does Chesapeake Urology's Uropathology Services offer the most technologically advanced testing available and the very best pathology analysis, the turnaround time for results is fast and direct, so that you do not have to wait for lab results to be relayed from an outside independent lab.

Uropathology - What Sets Us Apart

Uropathology is such a unique specialization that only a handful of laboratories in Maryland have a uropathologist, such as Dr. Ali, as a director.

After your biopsy is performed by your urologist at one of our ambulatory surgery centers, the tissue sample is prepared through a series of steps with strict quality controls in Chesapeake Urology's histopathology lab so that it is preserved on a slide that is then examined under the microscope.

Dr. Ali then determines the extent of the prostate cancer, as well as the Gleason score. The expert analysis of the biospy is a critical deciding factor in the treatment your urologist will recommend.

You have the peace of mind that you're receiving the most precise urologic diagnosis available thanks to Dr. Ali's expertise in uropathology.

Meet Our Uropathologist Dr. Tehmina Ali

Tehmina Ali