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Male Incontinence Surgery

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine and is caused by a problem with a man’s urinary tract. Urinary incontinence in men is typically related to problems with the prostate and often occurs following prostate surgery as well as after treatment for prostate cancer.

Incontinence is not just a physical issue but also a social and emotional problem for many patients. When urinary incontinence is a result of a urethral injury from surgery, radiation and other therapies for prostate cancer, a reconstructive urologist provides men with several treatment options:

  • Male slings – a mesh sling is placed beneath the bladder neck/urethra area and is attached to surrounding muscle tissue or pubic bone to provide support and minimize urine leakage.
  • Urethral bulking – A bulking agent is injected around the urethra to provide extra support and to control urination and leakage.
  • Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS) – This is a silicone-rubber medical device that fits around the urethra and can be inflated or deflated to control urination.