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What to Expect at the Doctor

In most cases, accidental daytime wetting is a part of normal child development that your child will outgrow over time. If you take your child to a pediatric urologist for daytime accidental wetting or because you notice possible signs of infection, there are several exams and evaluations your doctor may perform to determine if there is an underlying cause of your child’s wetting.

A pediatric urologist will typically ask you questions about the daytime wetting patterns, if your child wets the bed at night, and will also perform a physical exam.

Your Doctor May Order Additional Tests Including:

  • A urinanalysis and urine culture if a kidney or bladder infection is suspected.
  • An ultrasound or voiding cystourethrogram if a developmental issue of the urinary tract is suspected.
  • A urodynamic study, which looks at how the bladder empties, if a problem of the nervous system that is affecting your child’s bladder is discovered.