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Bedwetting Evaluation

Often there is no underlying cause of bedwetting that poses a medical concern and there is still much about bedwetting that we do not understand. Your doctor will take a complete medical history and typically perform a physical exam to rule out any underlying conditions. Your doctor may also perform additional testing including a urinalysis to rule out infection.

You and your child may be asked questions such as:

  • How often does your child urinate?
  • What color is the urine (dark yellow or pale/clear)?
  • Does the child complain about burning or pain when urinating?
  • Has anyone else in the family wet the bed as a child?

As part of your child’s evaluation, you may also be asked to keep a Voiding Diary and/or a bathroom chart to track urinary patterns and bowel habits over a period of several days.

Remember: children mature at different rates. When bedwetting is a problem, patience, understanding and persistence is important to overcoming this common childhood problem.