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Top Vasectomy Reversal Questions Answered

Top Vasectomy Reversal Questions Answered

Your Most Pressing Questions About Vasectomy Reversal Answered

We receive many questions from couples about vasectomy reversals. It’s important to do your research and become well-informed about vasectomy reversal and the best surgeons to perform this personal, delicate, and complex procedure.

From the cost of a vasectomy reversal to the success rates at The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, we have your top questions answered.

Can a Vasectomy be Reversed Decades Later?

Yes! It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you have had a vasectomy. At the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, our surgeons have successfully reversed vasectomies for men who had theirs more than 20 or 30 years ago, and even longer. In fact, one of our physicians successfully reversed a vasectomy for a patient who had a vasectomy 35 years earlier and was not only a father already, but a grandfather! Our longest time interval between vasectomy and reversal is 42 years and this couple successfully conceived. What is most important for a successful vasectomy reversal is the skill and training of the surgeon.

How Much Does a Vasectomy Reversal Cost?

The first consultation about your vasectomy reversal is usually covered by most insurance plans. Whether your insurance covers your vasectomy reversal or not, you need to be savvy so that you are aware of the full costs associated with your surgery. It’s important to understand that there are three parts that make up the total cost of a vasectomy reversal bill.

  1. The professional fee to cover the microsurgeon’s cost
  2. Facility fee: either hospital or ambulatory surgery center
  3. Anesthesiology fee to cover the anesthesiologist’s cost

The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America is price competitive. Cost vs. value is also something couples should consider as the cheapest surgeon is usually not the best or most successful one. We are confident that by choosing us you are coming to the most highly skilled experts in the country who can provide you with the best possible chance for a successful vasectomy reversal. We keep our fees reasonable so that our services can be offered to as many patients as possible. We also offer an excellent financing plan. Please call us to learn more about the costs associated with your vasectomy reversal.

How Successful Is a Vasectomy Reversal?

Our success rates at The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America are among the highest outcomes nationally, with over 90 percent* of our patients having a normal amount of healthy sperm in their ejaculate by 6 to 8 months and in most cases, a pregnancy rate of over 92%. Our high success rates are due to the experience and specialty training of our surgeons. We invite you to learn more about our surgeons and read some of the success stories of our happy patients.

How Soon Can We Get Pregnant After a Vasectomy Reversal?

How quickly you can become pregnant following the procedure really depends on what type of procedure you need for your vasectomy reversal. It can take up to three months for sperm to return to the ejaculate following a vasovasostomy and six months to one year following an epididymovasostomy. However, we have had patients who have conceived babies within only six weeks after the reversal.

Six to eight weeks following your reversal, you will have a semen analysis performed, and the results will be reviewed at your post-operative appointment. We will continue to monitor your semen analysis on a regular basis for up to one year or until your sperm count stabilizes.

Will Medical Insurance Cover My Vasectomy Reversal?

In some cases, insurance covers the costs of a vasectomy reversal; however, in the majority of cases, it does not. We suggest you call your insurance carrier to discuss whether your plan covers the procedure before you schedule your appointment with one of our specialists. The initial consultation with one of our surgeons is typically covered by insurance. Again, please check your personal plan for details on coverages.

If your plan does not cover the procedure, self-payment will be required. We offer an excellent financing plan to support you in your goal to have a child.

Why Is a Microsurgeon Critical to the Success of a Vasectomy Reversal?

Many urologists offer vasectomy reversals, but a general urologist without fellowship training typically has only a 30 to 40 percent success rate with the procedure. In addition, some urologists say they are fellowship-trained when they have taken special courses observing experts for only a few weeks. Patients need to beware of this when interviewing prospective physicians. At The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, our surgeons are fellowship-trained microsurgeons and have among the highest vasectomy reversal success rates because they have the extra training needed to perform the most complex reversal techniques.

There are two types of microsurgical vasectomy reversals, vasovasostomy, and epididymovasostomy. Dr. David Fenig and Dr. Melissa Mendez are highly skilled at both procedures. Our special training, microsurgical skills, and favorable outcomes benefit our patients in their endeavor to conceive a baby naturally.