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Parasail has a patient payment plan that works for you so you can worry less and heal more. It’s a straightforward and stress-free way to manage your medical expenses. We provide patient payment plans so you can focus on your procedure, your family, and your healing, knowing that your bills are under control. Parasail fixed-rate loans don’t balloon if you miss a payment like credit cards with variable rates do. Whatever rate you agree to stays the same for the entire loan term – no surprises.
Applying doesn’t affect your credit score, and best of all, Parasail is paid by lenders and practices -not by you. So the rates we show you are the same as if you applied directly with each lender separately…but with a lot less hassle.


CareCredit is a credit card just for your health needs.

CareCredit offers special financing and low monthly payment options for a wide range of health care services. There are no up-front costs or prepayment penalties. CareCredit is a simple way to consolidate and manage out-of-pocket healthcare expenses because it is a credit card that can be used repeatedly by you or any family member. Applying for CareCredit is easy. Submit the one-page application using the button below and you’ll have an answer immediately. If you prefer to apply over the phone, call CareCredit toll-free at 800-677-0718.

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that can be used as a payment option for certain expenses not covered by insurance or to bridge situations when desired care exceeds insurance coverage.