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We Wish More Doctors Were Like Him

  • Date Submitted: Feb 4, 2022
  • Category: Testimonial

My husband and I both saw Dr. Ledgerwood, and we agreed that we wish more doctors were like him. Dr. L was so great at explaining everything so I could understand what my options were for getting ahead of things rather than resorting to the “you’re young, just drink more water” typical response. I don’t feel like he was overly reactive or is over‐testing, just getting some data to help us come up with a plan for managing my kidney stones rather than accepting them as a fact of life. He was also so great about checking in on me at the hospital consistently, and during evenings on a holiday weekend at that. I couldn’t be more thankful. He also put my husband at great ease during his vasectomy‐ not exactly fun for any man! We felt in great hands during a kidney stone and vasectomy procedure, and that’s saying a lot!