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New Therapies to Restore Sexual Function for Women

New Therapies to Restore Sexual Function for Women

Innovative Treatments for Female Sexual Dysfunction & Sexual Health Conditions Prove Effective for Patients at Colorado Urology

(January 31, 2019) – For women living with sexual dysfunction, the physicians at Colorado Urology provide safe and effective new therapies designed to restore sexual function and quality of life. The MonaLisa Touch® and the diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy procedures provide women experiencing vaginal health issues such as vaginal dryness, atrophy, itching, burning or painful intercourse with long-lasting symptom relief. Both revolutionary therapies are performed by the physicians at Colorado Urology.

MonaLisa Touch® Provides Life-Changing Results for Women

Physicians at Colorado Urology provide women with relief from a decline in vaginal health utilizing the innovative MonaLisa Touch® vaginal laser therapy. This vaginal laser therapy reduces the effects of feminine aging and changes to vaginal health caused by menopause, childbirth and pregnancy, hysterectomy, and even breast cancer treatment.

As many as 50 percent of postmenopausal women suffer from changes in their vaginal health as estrogen levels decline. Many women experience symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, burning or painful intercourse as they age. MonaLisa Touch delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue that stimulates a healing response by generating new collagen, elastin, and vascularization. The laser treatment is a simple procedure that takes less than five minutes in the provider’s office.

Benefits of MonaLisa Touch include:

  • Simple, painless laser energy
  • An in-office procedure requiring no anesthesia
  • No downtime – women return to normal activities immediately following treatment
  • Symptom relief after just one treatment
  • Minimal side effects
  • Each treatment takes just five minutes

diVa® Helps Combat Feminine Aging, Restore Intimate Health for Women

Similarly, diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy (“diVa”) helps women reverse the effects of feminine aging caused by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and loss of estrogen, and even breast cancer treatment. diVa is a quick, safe, and effective laser resurfacing procedure that helps improve vaginal health by stimulating the growth of healthier tissue to improve tissue density and elasticity.

About diVa

diVa utilizes the world’s first and only revolutionary Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) technology. HFL technology allows for the deepest penetration of vaginal tissue as well as a customized therapy tailored to each woman’s personal needs. Unlike other laser vaginal therapies on the market, diVa delivers two laser therapies at once for a combined effect. The first laser deeply resurfaces the layers of the vaginal wall, replacing it with brand new, healthy tissue. The second laser heats the layers of the tissue where collagen exists to improve tissue elasticity.

diVa addresses a variety of women’s vaginal health concerns including:

  • Vaginal laxity (when the vaginal tissue is over-stretched)
  • Vaginal atrophy (vaginal dryness, burning, itching and/or excess discharge or decreased vaginal lubrication during sexual activity)
  • Painful sex or loss of sexual sensation due to thinning of the vaginal tissue.

diVa is safe, precise, and effective, and produces results in three laser treatments given every four to six weeks. Best of all, each treatment takes only about five minutes and following treatment, women can go about their normal daily activities.

To see if MonaLisa Touch or diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy is right for you, talk to your physician at Colorado Urology.