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Experiencing ED? Check Your Heart.

Experiencing ED? Check Your Heart.

Why should a man experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) have his heart checked? Studies show that there may be a direct correlation between cardiovascular disease and ED. Sexual dysfunction may not just be a sexual issue and may be an early indicator of heart disease. So men, take heed. If ED is a problem, having a complete cardiovascular workup can be a lifesaver.

It makes sense. Vascular disease such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and high cholesterol all play a role in blood flow restriction through the arteries. In the case of cardiovascular disease, blood flow to the heart and brain may be affected. In the case of erectile dysfunction, blood flow to the penis is restricted, causing problems with achieving an erection.

Ongoing ED is often a sign of an underlying health condition that’s not just sexual. In addition to cardiovascular disease, conditions such as diabetes and obesity, as well as certain medications can also lead to erectile problems. For this reason, the specialists at Colorado Urology recommend that any man experiencing erectile dysfunction should also be evaluated for other medical conditions including cardiovascular disease.

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