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Recovery Coach Helps Take Fear Out of Prostate Cancer

Recovery Coach Helps Take Fear Out of Prostate Cancer

Phil Shulka, Recovery Coach for Chesapeake Urology’s Prostate Center, is passionate about getting the word out about getting screened for prostate cancer. A seven-year prostate cancer survivor himself, he recently spoke to the day shift at a local plant about the importance of prostate cancer screening.

At the end of Phil’s presentation an older gentleman spoke up and told the team, “I’m a nine year survivor.” His co-worker sitting next to him said, “Really? I didn’t know.” Goal one for Phil was achieved - to create an atmosphere where it’s okay for men to talk about prostate cancer and getting tested.

Soon after this exchange, the hands began to go up. The men were asking questions about screening and about Phil’s personal experience with prostate cancer. Phil reached goal number two - raise awareness about what prostate cancer is, why screening is important and why being informed takes the fear out of this disease.

Phil said, “Chesapeake Urology saved my life and working for the prostate center gives me the opportunity to help other men who are going through what I went through. I want to help take the fear out of the disease by giving men the information they need to make decisions about their personal situation.”

Along with giving talks to groups like this one, Phil counsels patients one on one about the disease, heads up Chesapeake Urology’s prostate cancer support group and provides support to men while in the hospital after surgery.

“I thank God I am still here; there aren’t many men with my history that are still walking around, still able to do what I can do. I want to tell every man, just get tested and then you can decide where to go from there.”