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PROVENGE- Pioneering Therapy in Fight Against Advanced Prostate Cancer

PROVENGE- Pioneering Therapy in Fight Against Advanced Prostate Cancer

The Leading-Edge of Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment - Provenge Is One of Several Pioneering Therapies in the Fight Against Advanced Prostate Cancer

By Ronald Tutrone, MD

It used to be that men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer had few options for treatment that may extend their life or slow the cancer’s growth and reduce symptoms. Fortunately, thanks to groundbreaking research and several innovative treatment options being offered at Chesapeake Urology, men have a wider variety of therapeutic options when prostate cancer advances to a stage beyond cure. At Chesapeake Urology, our prostate cancer specialists have the expertise to deliver these new treatments for advanced prostate cancer.

One of these options is called Autologous Cellular Immunotherapy, whose marketing name is PROVENGE®. This FDA-approved therapy actually uses the body’s own immune system to fight advanced prostate cancer. And just as every individual is different, each dose of PROVENGE is uniquely designed for a man’s individual cancer, consisting of a patient’s own immune cells that have been trained to seek and attack prostate cancer cells. PROVENGE reduces a patient’s risk of dying 22% and increases overall survival by 4.1 months.

And, because PROVENGE is not chemotherapy, men experience less debilitating side effects often associated with other cancer treatments. A total of three treatments are given at our dedicated Infusion Therapy Center where the staff considers our patients as part of their family, providing much-needed support and understanding as well as medical expertise.

Developing a Game Plan

When it comes to treatments for advanced prostate cancer, it’s really a team effort – physicians and their medical team, and patients, working together to find the best therapies for the highest quality of life. For some men, having those extra few months to experience a special family event or milestone, or spending extra quality time with loved ones is the goal of treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Whatever your reasons are, working alongside your doctor and your entire healthcare team to develop a plan of action to meet your needs is a vital part of treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

I encourage you to learn more about the groundbreaking therapies available for advanced prostate cancer here. Or, talk to a Chesapeake Urology prostate cancer specialist about your options – 866-598-9858. We’re here to help.