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Specialized "Cord Stripping" Surgery Delivers Relief to Men With Chronic Testicular Pain - Chesapeake Urology

Specialized "Cord Stripping" Surgery Delivers Relief to Men With Chronic Testicular Pain - Chesapeake Urology

Finally, Relief from Chronic Testicular Pain

Men describe chronic testicle pain as a “kick in the groin,” “like being constantly crushed or squeezed,” and “a constant, incredible ache.” The problem many men find is that not many physicians understand the origins of chronic testicular pain (CTP) or know how to accurately diagnose and treat this chronic condition. Fortunately, there is a relief for men with this condition.

David Fenig, M.D., urologist, and male fertility and sexual health expert with Chesapeake Urology in Columbia/Maple Lawn, Maryland, is one of the few urologists in the Mid-Atlantic region trained in a specialized microsurgical procedure to relieve the constant pain men have with CTP. Known as denervation of the spermatic cord or “cord stripping,” this complex procedure addresses the tiny nerves in a man’s spermatic cord that carry the pain signals. The result is instant relief for men who suffer from this severe condition.

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“Chronic testicular pain can greatly affect a man’s quality of life. Many patients come to me at wit’s end,” said Dr. Fenig. “The good news is, in the appropriate patient, the denervation surgery has a very high success rate and is often life-changing for patients who have been living with chronic pain, often with no known cause.”

About Chronic Testicular Pain

Chronic testicular pain (CTP) is also known as chronic epididymitis (pain in the epididymis) and chronic orchitis (pain in the testicle). The pain is different for each individual and men with CTP often describe the pain as a burning, throbbing, or constant pulsing pain or dull ache in the scrotal area or in the testicles themselves.

Common causes of chronic testicle pain may include:

  • A previous vasectomy or other surgery in the pelvic area
  • Infection
  • Trauma to the testicle
  • A history of epididymitis or orchitis
  • Varicoceles
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Idiopathic (unknown cause)

Delicate Surgical Procedure Stops the Pain

Denervation of the spermatic cord is a microsurgical procedure performed by a highly-skilled urologist trained in microsurgery. According to Dr. Fenig, this surgery has a high success rate and preserves the physiological function of the testes. Using a high-powered operating microscope, Dr. Fenig separates and removes the tissue carrying small nerves in the spermatic cord, eliminating or reducing the nerves carrying the pain signals. The arteries to the testicle and lymphatics (drainage vessels) are left untouched.

“Chronic testicular pain is different for every patient, which is why an individualized approach and a comprehensive evaluation to try to determine the cause of the pain is important,” explains Dr. Fenig. “Before we turn to surgery, we will rule out infection and some men respond well to nerve blocks to reduce the pain. But in the end, denervation surgery is often the most effective treatment for men with CTP, returning them to a pain-free life.”

“Dr. Fenig Was My Last Hope”

Just ask any of Dr. Fenig’s patients who have undergone the denervation procedure just how much relief they have experienced.

Patient Chris M. said he was in agony for close to one year with chronic testicle pain following colon surgery. “Dr. Fenig is an expert,” said Chris. “This is his specialty. CTP is not a well-known specialty, but he knows how to treat it. He’s on the cutting edge.” Chris added, “Until I went to Chesapeake Urology and Dr. Fenig, no one wanted to deal with my condition; they just passed me on. The doctors I consulted looked at me like it was in my head. Dr. Fenig was my last hope. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found him.”

Raja H., another chronic testicular pain patient commented, “I had chronic, debilitating orchialgia (testicular pain) for 26 years. Dr. Fenig suggested the denervation procedure to alleviate my pain, so I made an appointment for the surgery in August 2017. It was outpatient surgery, very smooth and almost painless! Now, one year after the surgery, I am pain-free, the scar is invisible, and I am very satisfied with the outcome. It has improved the quality of my life!”

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